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Puppies Go-Home: JUNE 10

6 boys and 4 girls

TRI, Tri Phantom, and Black/White.

Beautiful puppies are Mae's specialty. 

Check out the slide-show of previous    puppies below!




A $400 deposit confirms your purchase.

Please email me or text me if you intend to place a deposit,

confirming the EXACT LITTER, SEX, and FORM OF PAYMENT.  (Zelle, Cash, OR Check)

Again! If you do not hear back from me in 24 hours, I may not have received your request. 

Puppies go-home at 8 weeks. Any questions, email me!

Price includes: front and rear dew claws removed, regular de-worming schedule,
first vaccinations, kennel cough vaccination, 
flea/tick/heartworm preventative,
vet checked twice, health guarantee, and warmly loved by our family and friends.


Both parents with genetic testing completed, hip testing completed, amazing color trait genetics,

and  living among  their people makes for healthy, happy, and adorable puppies.

WONDERFUL parents = WONDERFUL puppies!

MAE & SORIN have passed genetic testing and OFA hip certification.

I do return emails, calls, and texts within 24 hours. 

If you don't hear from me, I did not receive the message.

Many messages are hitting my spam, so please feel free to retry AND check your own spam.




Picture Note:  5  weeks old 

It's a hard knock life here...eating, sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping, playing...

Mae's puppies tend to be comical, playful, highly social, and very kid friendly.

This group is always a favorite with any type of family.

GIRL #1    $2000 AVAILABLE

Darling, sweet, calm, cuddly, loving...what more could a person want? She is WONDERFUL!!  Traditional TRI with all the right colors, markings, and frame. Perfectly beautiful and ever so much small in comparison to siblings.

She is gorgeous.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 4# 14 oz.

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GIRL #2    $2000 AVAILABLE

Again, very calm, cuddly and sweet make this big girl easy-peasy. She tends to be a bit lazy in the exercise department, but not all of us enjoy jogging around the yard. Tri colors in Phantom markings and may I say, WOWSER! She is so very pretty. White from chin to chest, and sweetly dipped feet to make her so cute.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 8# 0 oz.

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GIRL #3   $1600 is


Bring out the toys and have plenty of attention ready for this HIGHLY SOCIAL puppy who wants to be in the midst of every piece of action possible. This girl is very funny, extremely playful, and finds joy in every moment of every event.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 5# 9 oz.

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GIRL #4    $1000 AVAILABLE

Not one ounce of fear in this puppy. She is the exploring genius of the group. Cannot get enough attention. Instigator of all naughty play amongst the siblings and can manage to pull a shoe into a corner for good chewing. This girl will be a highlight of the party. SUPER fun.

She has a small umbilical hernia that will need 2-3 stitches at spay if it does not close before then.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 6# 9 oz.

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AMAZING. This puppy is handsome and super lazy, so a great combo for anyone! Really blocky head and frame, all the right looks, and has that BMD "I'll do it if I feel like it." Traditional TRI with all the right colors, markings, and frame. Perfectly beautiful and BERNESE looking.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 7# 8 oz.

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Dynamite boy who is HIGHLY social and playful brings life and love to every moment. I love this guy!  He's confident in all the right ways and enjoyable all the time. Add on that he is so stinking cute and BAM! a perfect boy.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 7# 5 oz.

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BOY #3 $2000 is


This guy is always crawling up on my lap, following us around the yard, instigating a good wrestling match with a sibling, or sleeping under a bush. He adapts to everything. Not a care in the world, so when I panic that I can't find him because he decided to nap in the fern bushes, he simply wanders back out when I'm ready to call 911. What a great puppy!

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 6# 9 oz.

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BOY #4  $1000  AVAILABLE


This boy has changed in personality drastically. He is very quiet, wants to be held, does not like loud noises, and prefers to be talked to all the time. He's not very out-going, so a kind family would be good. BEAUTIFUL black with white markings that are so stinking cute. He has a small umbilical hernia that will need stitches if not closed by neuter time.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 6# 13 oz.

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BOY #5   $1600  AVAILABLE


A good guy that never leaves my feet. He loves attention and he loves to be held. Cute as a button, and thinks he owns the world. Bernese attitude all the way. Black with all the correctly placed white markings. This puppy will be really fun.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 7# 4 oz. 

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BOY #6    $1000 AVAILABLE 

Ok. This guy is small in frame and big in personality. He is a PEOPLE LOVER all the way. Plays with all the other siblings, gets along with everyone, cannot stay away from people, and highly inquisitive. He is a super fun boy. Black with white markings in all the super cute places. He does have a small umbilical hernia, so if not closed by neuter day, you'll have to stitch it up a bit. Not bothering him at all.

WEEK 5 WEIGHT: 5# 6 oz.

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Parents of this litter: MAE & SORIN.

 Price includes: dew claws removed, tail docked (poodles only), ​regular de-worming schedule,
first vaccination, kennel cough vaccination, flea/tick/heart worm preventative,
2 vet checks, health guarantee, ​and warmly loved by the family.

​We feed our puppies high quality puppy food for a healthy start to life
and begin NuVet vitamins in their diet.
I highly recommend NuVet Plus vitamins for dogs of ALL ages,
and NuVet Joint for the larger breeds. 
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​ Super smart, super cute, super sweet, super playful = perfect puppy.

 I give a detailed medical record when you pick up your puppy. Your vet will love me!

Puppies are growing up smothered in

love, kisses, playtime, family noises, people of all ages, and surrounded by my big dogs.
Can't guarantee they will like the vacuum cleaner noise, but I try :)

We do our best to give you a happy, healthy, and playful puppy.
We do not guarantee adult color or size.
It is my priority to keep my puppies safe and healthy.

I do not allow anyone to bring their pets to visit.
Thanks for understanding!

Scottland Yard reserves the right to have first pick of any litter.
Scottland Yard reserves the right to deny a puppy sale for any reason and at any time.

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