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No one appreciates the very special genius 

of your conversations like a dog does.

Who are we...and

what do we do?

family, friends,  puppies, a market, & a shed  =

Scottland Yard

Roger and I (Lisa) have been married for 37 years and boast 10 children,  6 more by marriage, and 13 grandchildren...

at least that's the number for today!




As for those fuzzy, wonderful puppies...

we love them!!

We specialize in AKC Standard Poodles
and CKC F1 & F1B Berne-doodles
that are not only beautiful, but also devoted,

loving companions for life!
Solid genetic pedigrees, health panels, and OFA hip results
​provide you with the puppy you are hoping for.
Special colors and fully loved...a friend for all ages
comes wrapped up in a bundle of puppy energy.

We know the importance of pet therapy in the life of children who need to know what unconditional love is. Our dogs and puppies provide just that...loving companions waiting for that special hug or tummy scratch from a child that needs to learn what love and devotion are all about. This is the perfect fit for our family,  our dogs,

and your future puppy!
We take pride in the satisfaction of current puppy owners.
We keep in touch with our families and

love to watch our puppies grow up.

We promise to love your puppy until you are found!

Thank you, for choosing us!



These dogs are NOT for sale.

See the registration & genetic information of each adult under their picture,

followed by silly pictures that show-off their personalities. I love my dogs

AKC Standard Poodle: "Scottland Yards Ragnar the Bold" is 65 pounds of dignified obedience. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: In progress Ragnar is my tri-colored, driven boy. He is a hunter of all bunnies and deer that wander into the yard...quick, smart, and focused. Ragnar is the dog who makes sure everything is proceeding as planned. He loves to play and racing Mable for a toy is his favorite game. He is Ryder's son, so a fabulous poodle to take over Dad's spot.

CKC Bernedoodle: "Scottland Yards the Marvelous Matilda" is my gorgeous, reverse Bernedoodle. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: In progress. Matilda is kind, comforting, and gentle. She is fabulous with small children who might be a bit rough when trying to show love. Oh, Matilda...can any dog get any cuter than this? Wonderful girl!!

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog: "Scottland Yards Sorin the Magnificient" is my 110 pound, nonchalant, happy-go-lucky, sweet boy. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Sorin is my handsome, loving, kind, best friend in the universe BMD who has a personality that encompasses everything wonderful that I look for in a dog. He loves small puppies, small children, and any toy that is available. He is magnificent! I LOVE HIM A LOT!

Matilda as a puppy.


Matilda hugs.

Sorin sulking.

Best buddies.

Happiness = Matilda.

Matilda taking a moment to smile.

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