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Health guarantee on all puppies.


Price includes dew claws removed, 2 vet checks, first shots, de-worming on a regular basis, health guarantee, and lots of play and holding. I give a detailed medical record when you pick up your puppy. Your vet will love me! Scottland Yard reserves the right to deny a puppy sale for any reason

and at any time.  All prices are subject to change without notice.


I do genetically health test my own breeding dogs and get OFA hip checks completed. You can see the results when you visit. I am more than happy to supply you with references from previous puppy buyers  and you are welcome to call my vet to be sure my puppies receive extra good care.
Just ask for the contact information! 


NuVet vitamins and NuJoint supplements are a terrific addition to the health of your dog. I highly recommend them! This is very important for these large breed dogs.
You can see why in this video: 



If you want to be placed on a waiting list, you must EMAIL me your information. I do not keep track of text inquiries!  You will be notified as a litter becomes available and may send a deposit at anytime: after pregnancy confirmation, after birth, or you may wait to place a deposit when visits open up around 4-5 weeks old.

Order of pick =

order of deposit received.


reserves the right

for 1st pick of any litter. 


Puppies are growing up in the nursery so your puppy will be smothered in love, kisses, playtime, family noises, and greeting my big dogs. We do weekly therapy techniques to help your puppy become a fabulous adult.  At the appropriate age, puppies learn to run outside for playtime, potty, and greeting people. Just before going home, your puppy will begin sleeping in a crate!
We try to make our nursery a fun place, however! I cannot guarantee they will like the vacuum cleaner noise, 
but I try :)


We are highly concerned with the health and wellness of our puppies during their precious, fragile time here, so keep that in mind as I state: 


Thank you for understanding!


I do return calls and emails within 24 hours.
If you don't hear from me,

I did not hear from you

or get the message

from one of my kids,

so please contact me again. Thanks!


You do not need to print this and send to me. I will have an original contract for you at the time you choose your puppy. This is listed so you are able to read it before you come.

Updated: 01-01-2024

Scottland Yard Poodles & Doodles

Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee:

Limited Registration: No Breeding


Purchaser {aka:  Name(s)  _______________________________________________________________

AND Address ____________________ _____________________________________________________

AND Phone # ____________________________  }  AND Email __________________________________

has submitted a non-refundable deposit of $450.00 toward the purchase of a puppy from

Scottland Yard Poodles & Doodles, also known as Breeder. 

The total price of puppy before the deposit is $_______.00.

DAM:  ____________________                SIRE: _____________________

LITTER REGISTRATION:  (AKC/CKC depending on breed.)

WEBSITE LISTING:  (BOY/GIRL) # ____  with collar listed as (COLOR)

SEX OF PUPPY: (MALE/FEMALE)            COLOR:  (___________________)


Purchaser understands and agrees to the following terms:

  • All deposits are non-refundable.  Scottland Yard reserves the right to deny a puppy sale for any reason AND at any time.  Please make check payable to “Lisa J Scott” (or) “Scottland Yard”.

  • Puppy must be picked up between 8 and 9 weeks of age unless a later date is mutually agreed upon by the Purchaser and Breeder.  Each day past 9 weeks of age will incur a room and board charge of $15.00 per day plus any and all other expenses incurred, such as vaccinations, etc.  Without prior arrangements, if puppy is not picked up prior to 10 weeks of age, deposit is forfeited and puppy will not be held.

  • Payment IN FULL is due PRIOR TO or AT PICKUP. The puppy will not be released until final payment is made.  Forms of FINAL payments include: CASH (or) a CASHIER’S CHECK (or) wire bank transfer using ZELLE account.

  • If puppy is being delivered to Purchaser, puppy must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age and all delivery fees paid in full, so that delivery arrangements can be made.  Delivery charges will be agreed upon at time of deposit, based on the location being delivered to and delivery rates.  Puppy will be delivered between 8 and 9 weeks of age, weather permitting. We do not guarantee delivery availability, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • At time of puppy pick-up, Breeder will provide a signed copy of the Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee, medical records, and basic information about puppy.  Purchaser must provide Breeder with an original signed copy of the Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee prior to or at time of pick-up in order to activate the Health Guarantee.

  • In the event that the puppy becomes ill or dies while IN the Breeder’s care after a deposit or payment has been made, Breeder agrees to either give the Purchaser a refund of deposit money paid and/or payment OR choice of another puppy from the current litter or the next available litter, whichever puppy becomes available first. 

  • The Purchaser agrees that he/she understands this Purchase Contract fully and that this Purchase Contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois, Kane County.  For any contract dispute it is agreed the place of venue shall be Kane County Illinois.  All veterinarian fees, court, and lawyer fees, and any other fees incurred will be sole responsibility of Purchaser. 

  • At no time will there be any monetary re-imbursement by Breeder. 

  • Purchaser releases Breeder, Lisa J. Scott, Scottland Yard’s Poodles & Doodles and their estate from any and all liabilities, and/or damages by fault of this dog after the time of sale.  These damages include, but are not limited to, destruction of property and/or physical damage to any person or group of people.

Signed: PURCHASER_____________        DATE_________________



The intention of Scottland Yard Poodles & Doodles, also known as Breeder, is to breed, raise, and sell healthy puppies with the best possible temperament and the potential for a long and happy life. Before going to their new home, each puppy will be examined by Breeder’s vet of choice and receive the 1st set of puppy shots.  Your puppy will be de-wormed on a regular schedule beginning at 2 weeks of age and at documented times. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO ANY ANIMAL FREQUENTED LOCATION UNTIL AFTER THE FINAL BOOSTER SET OF VACCINATIONS AND RABIES HAS BEEN ADMINISTERED! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU HOLD YOUR PUPPY WHILE AT THE VETERINARIAN OFFICE AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES. We do not guarantee your puppy will not be sick from contact with other dogs or locations outside our premises.


Purchaser must have puppy examined by a vet of their choice within 5 business days of the release date of  ___________________, 2024  in order for this Health Guarantee to be in effect. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

During the initial exam by a licensed veterinarian of Purchaser’s choice, if puppy is found to be in poor health or any physical health issue is detected that would require further veterinarian care other than required immunizations and/or treatment for any type of parasite or bacteria whether internal or external, you MUST contact us IMMEDIATELY and puppy MUST be returned to Scottland Yard within 24 hours. You must also bring a signed statement from the veterinarian showing the date of the exam (within 4 business days of release) on which veterinarian conducted the examination and the reason why the puppy is in poor health. This statement must include a description of the symptoms and probable diagnosis. Since it is your intention to return the puppy for a refund, your veterinarian should NOT provide any further immunizations or treatment for the puppy. Scottland Yard is not responsible for the veterinary bills associated with the initial visit. If you choose to keep the puppy, Scottland Yard is released from ALL liability and ALL medical bills, including the initial bill that results from the findings. No further health guarantee will be included for the puppy.  A diagnosis of Coccidiosis, Giardia, parasites or any other bacterial infection, internal or external, does not render your puppy unhealthy. We recommend taking a fecal sample to your vet the first time you take the puppy for an exam. This guarantee does not cover these above mentioned conditions. Breeder is not responsible for any injuries or health problems that are not genetic that may occur after puppy leaves Scottland Yard premises. 


All Scottland Yard Poodles and Doodles’ puppies are sold with a one year from puppy date of birth replacement guarantee that covers any life threatening genetic disease that can be directly linked to the prenatal stage and would prevent the puppy from enjoying a long and healthy life.  If a genetic problem is found, a letter from your vet describing the condition is necessary in order to receive another puppy of equal value from a subsequent litter. The health stricken puppy will be returned to the Breeder at the expense of the Purchaser. All puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic disease at time of transfer to Purchaser. Scottland Yard Poodles & Doodles will NOT reimburse any vet expenses incurred.


Genetic hip dysplasia is guaranteed for 1 year from birth date of puppy.  The guarantee is to return the dog at the expense of the Purchaser and replace the dog with a puppy from the next available litter.  Please note that no health guarantee will accompany the replacement puppy. The disease must be confirmed to our veterinarian via an OFFA Prelim Certification. Upon our veterinarian’s confirmation, we will honor the guarantee. The cost of all veterinarian services and all shipping costs are the Purchaser’s responsibility.


Our puppies are not sold on a “trial basis”. If FOR ANY REASON DURING THE FIRST YEAR the puppy does not work out at your home, the Purchaser will return the puppy with registration papers, contract, health guarantee, and all other necessary documents. The Purchaser will receive NO refund of money, NO replacement puppy, and NO veterinarian bills will be reimbursed. The Purchaser will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the puppy. NO replacement puppy will be given.  Breeder will solely find a suitable home for the puppy.


The following faults were known at the time of final purchase:    NONE

BREEDER: ____________________ Lisa J. Scott





                Purchaser agrees that this puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter and housed securely. This puppy shall not be neglected, allowed to roam free, left on a chain, or mistreated in any manner. This puppy shall receive proper veterinary care, receive proper vaccinations, and be placed on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Proper nutrition and care will be given to assure proper weight. This puppy must be fed a quality dog food, the same as started at Scottland Yard or equivalent of a 4.5 star or better rated food for the duration of this Health Guarantee. Receipts for veterinary visits, OFA results, and quality food must be kept for the duration of this Health Guarantee and provided to Scottland Yard should a health claim be presented.  ALL RECORDS WILL BE REQUIRED IF A CLAIM IS MADE.



NOTE: Record of spay/neuter must be sent to Scottland Yard upon completion.



In the event that you are unable to care for this puppy after the first year, you may contact Scottland Yard so that we can do our best to help you find an adequate replacement home for your dog, no questions asked. It would be helpful, however, if you would share any issues or concerns, age of dog, medical record, and give us adequate time to find a new placement at the time of re-homing. We cannot guarantee a placement will be found, but we will do our best to help.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that NuVet Plus vitamins and NuJoint DS be used as a supplement in the diet of your puppy through adulthood. Information to order is found at:  ORDER CODE: 50017


Activation of Health Guarantee is from date of birth of this puppy.

No other warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.


No guarantee of temperament, fertility, show quality, patellas, bite, ears, molera, testicles, hernia, allergies or skin problems is included. No guarantee is given or implied as to the adult size of any puppy.  Breeder can only estimate the adult size based on parentage and past experience.  Adult size, color, coat quality, etc. is determined by genetics and out of the control of breeder.






PURCHASER______________________________________                              DATE______________________

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