No one appreciates the very special genius 

of your conversations like a dog does.

Who are we...and

what do we do?

We specialize in AKC Standard Poodles, 
CKC Golden-doodles, and CKC Berne-doodles
that are not only beautiful, but also devoted,

loving companions for life!
Solid genetic pedigrees, health panels, and OFA hip results
​provide you with the puppy you are hoping for.
Special colors and fully loved...a friend for all ages
comes wrapped up in a bundle of puppy energy.
We are a personal breeder.

We do not raise our dogs or puppies in a kennel.

Roger and I (Lisa) have been married for 34 years and boast 10 children,  2 more by marriage, and 8 grandsons...

at least that's the number for today! Our family constantly changes as some children come and go, while others stay forever. We know the importance of pet therapy in the life of children who need to know what unconditional love is. Our dogs and puppies provide just that...loving companions waiting for that special hug or tummy scratch from a child that needs to learn what love and devotion are all about. This is the perfect fit for our family,  our dogs,

and your future puppy!

We take pride in the satisfaction of current puppy owners.
We keep in touch with our families and

love to watch our puppies grow up.

We promise to love your puppy until you are found!

Thank you, for choosing us!



These dogs are NOT for sale.

See the registration & genetic information of each adult under their picture,

followed by silly pictures that show-off their personalities. I love my dogs.

AKC Standard Poodle: "Scottland Yards Phantom Ryder" is 68 pounds of dignified obedience. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Ryder is my stunning black/red/silver phantom marked, gentle boy. He is a kind, patient, people pleasing dog who loves to meet new people. He never fusses, never pushes the limits, and is completely devoted to me. Hands down the best therapy dog I own.

AKC Standard Poodle: "Scottland Yards Red Rover Rueben" is 60 pounds of silly, playful joy. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Reuben views life as an adventure that is waiting to unfold. Every moment is filled with wonder and joy in this boy's life. He is obsessed with running and racing, throws toys high in the air, plays hide-and-seek with the other dogs, and obediently listens to my voice. This guy is fantastic! Very deep cinnamon red coat with white markings.

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog: "Scottland Yards Ivan the Great" is my 90 pound, nonchalant, happy-go-lucky, sweet boy. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Ivan is my handsome, happy, overly eager BMD who has a personality that encompasses everything a BMD is known for. He is a bit lazy, loves food, eagerly greets visitors, and loves small puppies and children. Ivan enjoys Legos and toy cars a bit too much, but other than that, I can't complain.

CKC registered "Scottland Yards Viktor the Valiant" is my 95 pound F1 Bernedoodle prize from Ivan and Mae. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Viktor is a big, goofy boy who finds joy in every moment. He is super social and forgets how big he really is. Viktor strives to be a lap dog, but at 95 pounds, it's difficult to hold him. I adore this dog. A beautiful tri-boy with perfect markings makes him a perfect stud-muffin.

CKC F1 Golden-doodle "Scottland Yards Hazelnut" is 65 pounds of gentle sweetness. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: EXCELLENT Hazel is such a good girl! She is a super sweet, overly playful with toys, and a bundle of happiness. She will be overjoyed to share her toys, time, and beg for more scratches around the neck. Hazel is the best with puppies, new dogs, and kids. Her happiness is contagious.

CKC Standard Poodle "Scottland Yards Mae-Fair" is 60 pounds and is a hunting machine. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Mae is a super sweet, gentle, and a bit shy. Mae can sniff out a bunny trail anywhere and anytime. Mae enjoys playing with the puppies, empty water bottles, and sleeping on my feet. She is a very cuddly girl and most trustworthy with small children and babies.

AKC Standard Poodle: "Scottland Yards The Astounding Alice" is 50 pounds of gushy sweetness. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD Alice is my tri genetically coded poodle who will produce amazing Bernedoodles. She is kind and considerate to a fault. She tends to be a bit shy, but warmly loves me and all the kids here. Alice's gentle heart and yearning to please makes her a favorite companion. Alice is really beautiful.

CKC registered "Scottland Yards I Love my Louise" is an F1 Bernedoodle from Ivan and Mae. GENETIC HEALTH PANEL: ALL CLEAR! OFA RATING: GOOD She is my sweetest, lover girl and I am gushy over her. She is always happy, ready to snuggle, and gentle as a baby. On the other hand, she does like to dig in my garden so an F- for that characteristic. Louise and Reuben will be making F1B Bernedoodles in 2021.

AKC Standard Poodle: "Scottland Yards Elegant Eleanor" is 50 pounds of perfect! GENETIC HEALTH PANEL ALL CLEAR! OFA HIP RATING: GOOD. Eleanor is the sweet, kind, gentle, and the best cuddle friend. Not one complaint about this girl will ever be written. She is amazing! Eleanor loves to play, loves to obey, and loves to rip every squeaker out of the toy. I find them ultra-annoying too, so Eleanor and I are on the same page with seek-and-destroy squeakers. I love this girl.

Ryder - my buddy.

Ivan = Happiness

Oh, Viktor! You goof ball!

Ivan in his "happy place".

Rueben, my pal.

Hazel with her yogurt.

I love Louise.

Alice taking the world in.

Mae - always sweet.

What? (Louise doesn't always listen the first time.)

Hazel: Kind and Kissable!

Louise = Beauty and brains!

Viktor watching the puppies intently...only because he wants to see who is "it".

Hazel as a one-year old puppy!

Viktor's "don't care" look.

Eleanor truly shines!

Viktor pretending to sulk.

Hide and seek in the trees with Alice.